Singapore Ballet Academy

Singapore Ballet Academy (SBA) was established in 1958 and is Singapore’s oldest ballet school. The Academy was founded on the ideals of creating awareness of ballet through dance training of the highest standard and to provide a platform for stage performances in Singapore and the region. In 1995, the Academy became officially affiliated to Singapore Dance Theatre, our national ballet company co-founded by our Director, Ms Goh Soo Khim. The direct link with a professional dance company was a step forward which further motivated aspiring dancers to take dance education to higher levels while developing a lifelong passion for the art.

Over the years, the Academy produced many alumni who pursued full-time training overseas in prestigious schools and returned as professional dancers and teachers locally and internationally.

SBA is currently led by principal, Mr Han Kee Juan, and is committed to offering training of the highest standard and continue to produce dancers of the highest calibre for the dance world.